Want to Get Paid to Test Games and PC Hardware All Day?


Updated March 4, 2021


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We’re offering avid gamers and tech lovers the chance to live out their dream and get paid to test the latest gadgets and games.

By Gamers for Gamers is on the hunt for someone who lives and breathes PC Hardware, technology and gaming, and we are offering them a starting salary of up to £18,000 a year to build a career around their interest or passion.

Not only will the lucky candidate get the chance to be a part of a rapidly growing company of tech and gaming enthusiasts, but they’ll also spend their days with us benchmarking and testing all kinds of components, peripherals, and games to create engaging videos and content for their 14.2K subscribers on YouTube and their multiple websites.

They will literally get paid to be an in-house PC hardware and gaming guru in the digital city of Manchester!

And if that’s not enough, we make a habit of providing monthly munchies, bagel Fridays, and fresh fruit, snacks, coffee and tea on tap, plus a series of social events (post lockdown).

Will Blears, one of our co-founders explains how we are looking to create opportunities for true gamers with natural talent in a sector that often has limited career opportunities:

“We’re passionate about giving gamers the best experience possible, so why wouldn’t we take it that step further and help them build a career around their passion?

“Our viewers come to us for hands-on reviews and practical buying advice as well as tips to get the most out of their tech and gaming setup, so it makes sense to build a team of avid gamers to meet the needs of our audience.

“The day-to-day work is interesting, challenging and fast paced, so whilst personality is key, we need an individual who is hardworking, and delivery focused. We want a team player who is ready to go the extra mile to deliver to our audience of experienced and inexperienced gamers.

“Workplace culture is important to us, so they’ll need to be friendly, supportive and prepared to be a part of a team.”

Our existing team comprises experienced, passionate individuals dedicated to bringing readers the best in unbiased PC tech, gaming, and Esports news.

We recently embarked on a major recruitment drive to attract talented people from across the UK to support the development of our growing online media outlets, which include WePC.com, PCGuide.com and EsportsVerdict.com

Interested gamers can apply here >


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