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In the world of esports it’s tough getting an edge over the rest. With the right setup, we help you get there

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The Pros

Esports verdict is a destination for competitive gaming setups. We look into the best of the best when it comes to gaming equipment, even looking at what the professionals are using. We’re here to help you build a setup that rivals your favorite esports players, and to deliver all the stats and data you’re looking for.


Features and News

The world of esports is one of the fastest moving, as well as growing, in competitive sport. Its stars can earn millions "just from playing games", but it's not as simple as that. The largest teams in the world are changing all the time and the intrigue of which players will end up where is hot gossip. ESports Verdict's team of professional esports writers leave no stone unturned when it comes to reporting on the latest news. They also bring you in-depth features from deep within the industry, looking at things such as who earns the most money, to why players from some regions always seem to win.

Improve your game

To stand a chance in this ultra-competitive world you need to be armed with the best information. Feature-length guides on how to up your game are part and parcel of Esports Verdicts coverage. You may think you know a game inside out, but our experts still have a trick or two to teach you.


The Pros

To be as good as a Pro you might just have to become that Pro. Esports Verdict keeps a close eye on what the best players in the game are using, right down to their individual settings. These guys play all day, every day, and are constantly honing their setups for the tiniest advantage. Esports Verdict makes you you have that advantage too.

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