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Ever get the feeling that your career is simply carrying on around you and you have zero control of what’s going on?

We get that. It’s not unusual, but it doesn’t mean it has to be like that. We are BGFG and we think we can make you look at your career in a different light.

We are BGFG

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Reach the next level in your career in publishing

Having autonomy over your own career doesn’t have to be for a select few. At BGFG we want our professionals to embrace their independence so we all thrive and grow together.

Our brands

Who We Are

BGFG is made up entirely of an ever-expanding team of passionate individuals from all walks of life. A love of technology and games is what ties us all together. That and an innate ability to create enthralling and engaging content for our readers.

Let’s Build Your Dream Gaming PC

Learn how to build or buy your ultimate gaming rig, and get the latest news and reviews from the cutting edge of PC hardware

Getting the most from your PC has never been easier

Your PC is so much more than that box under your desk. If you thought your PC was only good for emailing and keeping track of your bills you are so wrong.

PC Guide shows you everything you could be using if for, from family gaming to 3D printing to getting your kids to code. There’s so much to do you never even dreamed of. PC Guide is where your ideas start today.

All things gaming

Everything you need to know about all the games that matter.

From Fortnite to Far Cry and Battlefield to Back 4 Blood, we bring you the very best games news, reviews and features from the best journalists in the industry.

The Stats

We are growing fast

Our numbers tell the story. BGFG is exploding onto the scene, driven by big ambitions and bigger dreams.

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Meet the team

Founded on passion and drive

Every start-up has a story and BGFG is no different. It usually starts over a coffee and a follow-up email and before you know it minds have come together in a brand-new creative office space with new people joining our team all the time. Let’s meet the guys who had that coffee.

Will Blears

CSO / Co-Founder

Will is an online entrepreneur, avid gamer and tech head having spent most of his teens building online businesses, building and upgrading PCs, and playing lots and lots of Counter Strike. The combination has led him to where he is today, building a thriving media publishing business in an industry that he loves.

These days Will focuses on the strategic element of BGFG. We think it’s his love for RTS games that helps him foresee future opportunities that BGFG can build on. As well as this, he is currently grinding away on Amazon’s latest release New World. 

Will has more than 15 years of experience in the digital space. Having previously built and exited seven-figure businesses he is extremely excited to see how far the team can take BGFG.

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Andrew Kirkcaldy

CEO / Co-Founder

Andrew has been a passionate gaming and tech head from childhood, tinkering with the ZX Spectrum, Amiga 2000 and one of the original Intel Pentiums to name a few. Before Wi-Fi for network gaming he had to lean out of the top-floor window to pass the parallel cable to the next door neighbour. He spent more time debugging connection issues and reinstalling Windows for the nth time to get a game to work than actually playing… those were the days!

Andrew has over 16 years in brand, digital marketing and e-commerce. He spent his formative years at AO.com running the Brand and Digital Marketing teams. Now he is turning his hand to the digital publishing sector in an area that he is very passionate about. Who said mixing work and pleasure is not a good thing?

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Craig Kirkcaldy

COO / Co-Founder

Craig has always been a gamer and tech nerd. From the good old days of the BBC Micro playing Elite, to holding his brother’s legs as he hung out of the third floor window to get them connected next door to play Dune.

Fast forward 30 years and… well it’s the same story. Craig has over 20 years of experience in Project and Operational management. Having worked around the world for more than eight years, he always wanted to come back to the UK and build a company around his passions and, of course, work with his brother… It turns out they’re actually a great team!

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Our Handpicked Roles

Claim your throne

We have huge ambitions and we’re growing to match them. We’re on the lookout for the very best editors and content creators in the tech and video games industry. If that’s you, check out the roles that are available now and come and join our team.

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Our Story

A modern voice in a rapidly changing industry

Writing on the internet is nothing special. Anybody can do it. But therein lies the problem. At BGFG we only team up with people who can make a difference to the stories they tell, to the news they break, and the content they create and shape. Is that you? We certainly hope so.

What we've achieved so far

Work with Us

Life at BGFG

BGFG is proud of our brands. A huge amount of effort goes into making them the best they can be every single day. From our longest established websites WePC and PC Guide, to our newer titles that are just getting started, we always make sure we have the best quality content, written by our industry experts.

Our Mission

Our main ambition is to become the undisputed number one media publisher in the digital gaming and tech sector by providing our readers with unbiased, honest reviews as well as in-depth buyer guides, up to date PC build recommendations, how to’s, answers to frequently asked questions and the latest in gaming, tech and esports news.

To put it another way…

To empower our readers buying decisions and answer every question in gaming and technology.

Meet the team

Our Kind of People

We are nothing without the people who work here. Every team member is hand-picked for the skills they bring to the collective, not just individual talent, and we’re growing a truly diverse and talented group of people into the content team of tomorrow. There’s a lot of work to do and we do it in a fun, empowering way. Our people think we are getting it right. Here’s what they have to say.



What attracted me to BGFG as a department manager was the growth mindset of the company and the will to win. We’re not afraid to try something new, and we’ve actually had some massive successes from being quick to try new strategies

Paul McNulty

Video Manager


I was blown away by the ambitions of BGFG and the open, creative approach that underpins everything we do here has convinced me that we’ll surpass all of them

Dave Woods

Content Director


Being able to work among people and completely be myself means the world to me. Not to mention, I get immediate satisfaction when I see my articles trending and racking in the big numbers

Maya Hutchinson

Staff Writer


BGFG Expands Its Portfolio with the Acquisition of BestBinocularsReviews.com (BBR)
Media publisher set for further acquisitions after strong 2022


Take an office tour

We didn’t really like the office spaces we saw when we outgrew our last one – so we built our own. At the end of lockdown we opened up our new premises and then things really started to get exciting.

From games areas to collaborative spaces to the office bar, not to mention free snacks and drinks 24/7 we think we have created an office that isn’t like any other. We have created an office that is simply By Gamers for Gamers. We love it and we think you will too.


Life in Manchester

If you aren’t from here then you’ll probably know about our great music, great nightlife, and world-class football – but that’s just what the Tourist Information Centres will tell you. There’s a reason Manchester has just been named the third best city in the world by Time Out, behind San Francisco and Amsterdam (and we are still trying to get the founders to open offices there too!).

In case you were wondering, London was 13th. New York was 5th.

So from Canal Street to the Arndale Centre, the National Football Museum to the Imperial War Museum North, you need to see Manchester the way the rest of the world sees it – an amazing place to further your career.

City & Countryside

Manchester has the best of both worlds – the bustle and the nightlife, all packaged in a compact city you can walk around, with beautiful countryside within touching distance.

Birthplace of the Hacienda and acid house music and the music scene that followed you can be soaking up the atmosphere in the city centre at midday and be out in the countryside 30 minutes later. With its central location now only two hours away from London it’s even closer to amazing scenery in the Lake District and Peak District if you want to get away from the daily hustle and bustle.

Help with relocaion

If we’ve convinced you that Manchester should be your next home, and you’re the right fit for us, we’ll do our best to make your move to BGFG as smooth as is humanly possible. We’ll help you find your perfect home away from the office and we’ll help with the cost of getting your life and career set-up around you.

Different Characters

We Are A Family of


Small teams, global mission

We’re always on the look out for great local talent. Take a look at your next dream job.

We’d love to Hear from you.

BGFG is only a button-click away. If you have any questions about what we do and how we can help, send us your email and we will be in touch.