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We are By Gamers, For Gamers (BGFG for short) – a team of experienced, passionate individuals dedicated to bringing our readers the best in PC tech, gaming, and esports. 

We are comprised of gamers from all walks of life that share a passion for the technology they play on and the content they create. We cover all aspects of gaming and tech including esports, PC building, and gaming news.

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The BGFG family of brands covers the essential spectrum of the PC gaming and technology industry and provides it with professional, insightful content, written by our in-house experts. Millions of readers trust BGFG websites every year to help them make accurate, value-for-money purchasing decisions. BGFG brands are known for accessible content, whatever your level of technical expertise.


Specialising in all things PC, tech and gaming, our digital publications span a global audience with users visiting from over 241 countries. Across the network of owned websites, readers have access to sound consumer buying advice through reviews, features, guides and more.


AgencyGMR provides full-service digital marketing solutions to brands across content, creative and strategic services. With a team of marketing, creative and strategy experts delivering game-changing campaigns and projects across a range of sectors and specialisms.


Feeling lucky? Gaming Giveaways is our dedicated competition and giveaway site that helps gamers get their hands on some of the hottest tech items including custom PCs, next-gen consoles and complete gamer setups.

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Our numbers tell the story. BGFG is exploding onto the scene, driven by big ambitions and bigger dreams.

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We’re looking for passionate PC and Tech enthusiasts to join the team


Ever get the feeling that your career is simply carrying on around you and you have zero control of what’s going on?

We get that. It’s not unusual, but it doesn’t mean it has to be like that. We are BGFG and we think we can make you look at your career in a different light.


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BGFG is made up entirely of an ever-expanding team of passionate individuals from all walks of life. A love of technology and games is what ties us all together. That and an innate ability to create enthralling and engaging content for our readers.

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Across the entire BGFG group we can help accelerate your brand and position it in front of a global audience of gamers and hardware enthusiasts. Whether it’s scroll-stopping video content or strategic brand campaigns, our expert team can rise to the challenge of any brief.

Official TikTok Shop Partner

BGFG and AgencyGMR are recoginsed as an official TikTok Shop Partner. As one of the leading platform experts in the UK, we can help bring your brand to the forefront of social conversation through eye-catching creative, while making this a commercially viable platform with ecommerce integration. TikTok is a growing platform and we’re proud to work with the fastest-growing social platform.


Drive more sales for your products with one click ordering from our site, straight to your sales pages. Our readers shop through us because it’s easy, fast, and trustworthy, and they value our recommendations.

Audience Insights

Find out who your audience really is, and how closely they align with your goals. We can help you gain true insight into your digital audience, what they want, how much they have to spend, even what their favourite colour is if that’s what’s important to you.



Salary (£26,000)


Salary (Up to £60,000 DOE)


Salary (£22,000 - £23,500)

By gamers, for gamers

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